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The Professional of Chocolate at your disposal 


Massimo Villa and Carola Stacchezzini, he's an acclaimed pastry chef, she's a well known chocolate maker, together since 2005, have been producing great creations with an unique flavour and form through their exclusive chocolate.


We transform the best chocolate into real whole extra sensorial emotions for every moment. Our challenge is always the same: to achieve the excellence after all “excellence is not an act, but a habit” (Aristotle)

Who is it for and why

We are Professional serving Professional, we realize the top handmade chocolate in every harmony. Nothing is more beautiful than providing everyone tasting our products small or great moments of joy.


We aim to top quality products based on the research of best quality raw materials. Every step, during our products manufacturing, is completely done manually. We believe that this is the only way to embrace the concept of craftsmanship.


Massimo Villa & Carola Stacchezzini 


Massimo Villa


Carola Stacchezzini





  • To me, ecstasy means discovering a second layer under the first in these unique chocolates.
    -- Roby --
  • Usually the soft chocolate is my passion, but the Villa&Stacchezzini two-coloured soft chocolate is my ecstasy.
    -- Luca --
  • Wonderful chocolate works of art and especially too good!!
    -- Simona --
  • The hazelnut is smooth on the palate, the taste arrives on, touches me and the pleasure moves me.
    -- Loretta --
  • Your chocolate is always the right present for everyone.
    -- Marcello --
  • I can resist everything except this dense, steaming hot and inebriating chocolate cup!! Never experienced before one like this.
    -- Samantha --
  • I've told to my pastry I'll change room if they change their chocolate professional.
    -- Ramona --
  • 23 km to have my weekly dose of covered candied fruit, they have no equal, I would even walk there to have them.
    -- Fulvio --
  • I've always loved chocolate, every chocolate brand was good, all this before tasting your chocolate.
    -- Gaetano --
  • I made an excellent impression and I've made her fall in love thanks to chocolate hearts and small shoes, things never seen before.
    -- Walter --


Villa & Stacchezzini

Via Vittori 15/A • 48018 Faenza (RA)

(+39) 0546 621185

(+39) 366 2517421